Quotes About Box Lacrosse

"Become the great player you want to be by playing BOX Lacrosse"
- Chief Buck


“If box lacrosse were played by kids in the U.S. In the fall the way it is played in Canada, it would completely change the complexion of the game in terms of the quality of play and the balance of power. The trend of competitive balance at the DI level would be expedited. Now, the game is growing faster than ever, but one doesn’t see improvement in players from certain regions as expected with such large growth. Box Lacrosse would change all of that. You don’t have to be a good coach to make kids be better players in the box. Like a great drill, it just happens.”

- Jamie Munro
Former Head Coach of University of Denver Men’s Lacrosse


“American field players would really help themselves if they were exposed to a steady stream of box experience. Box lacrosse is an extremely valuable background for a young player, we need to incorporate more of the indoor skills in to the field game. It is almost a requirement to have a top player with indoor experience on your roster right now.”

- Dom Starsia
University of Virginia Head Coach



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