TD Elite/Top Dawg Program Overview

We have learned a lot these past few years, and after careful review, we have formulated, what we believe to be, a well-balanced and competitive summer/fall travel program.


The Principles of Our Program

  • Our players are here to learn the sport of lacrosse in a fun, organized manner.
  • We recommend that players play multiple sports and not to become compartmentalized. Diversity builds a well-rounded athlete/citizen.
  • Life lessons are more important, and last longer, than lacrosse lessons.
  • Character, discipline and organization come first.
  • Families need to have some time to be a family over the summer or fall. Traveling to a tournament every weekend is not the best way to ensure that happens.
  • Every player is NOT going to get a lacrosse scholarship, but we will strive to help those who wish to play at the next level.
  • We will provide programs that encompass every kind of player, from the recreational athlete to the college- bound player.
  • A travel program is not about the “stuff” you get, but rather the things you learn.
  • Players do not need to travel all over the United States to play competitive lacrosse. There are excellent tournaments all throughout the Northeast.
  • We operate and function as a family- always looking out for each other’s best interests, remembering that our actions reflect on everyone in the program.


How do we achieve these principles?

  • We will field teams to play in regional tournaments each summer& fall. The tournaments will typically be in CT/MA/VT/NY/RI, with a focus on staying as local as possible, to keep travel time and costs down for our families.
  • Our programs will cost an appropriate amount to cover the basic fees such as: Uniforms, tourney entrance fees, coach’s pay, field rental and other basic supplies needed to field the teams. We will not charge you thousands of dollars to give you hundreds of dollars of “stuff”. If you have a helmet, then wear the one you have, you do not need to be charged for one in a program fee.
  • We only allow coaches in our program that understand the value and opportunity they can provide in teaching players about life in addition to lacrosse.
  • Top Dawg incorporates High School and College level players as coaches into our program.  These coaches will work closely in developing the players of the future through their own recent experiences.
  •  We Will Not book a tournament EVERY weekend. We encourage our families to take trips to the beach, the mountains, or to stay at home and relax.  Let the players be kids and have fun outside of lacrosse.